Real-time Audio Effects


I was wondering if it is possible to used effects such as Noise Removal as I am recording and also play this new audio through a virtual device.

My goal is to use audacity to clean up my audio while on Skype calls and recording gameplays.
I can make my audio sound amazing in post and I always used the same effects, but I want to do this live during a call.

Can Audacity do this? If not, does anyone know a program which can?

Thanks in advance,

Real Time Effects is a Future Feature Request.

What you mean by Noise Removal and what we mean may be different. You’re after Automatic Noise Removal where the tool automatically figures out what the noise is similar to a cellphone or Skype. Our Noise Removal requires you to tell the tool what the noise is and then it tries to subtract it from the show. Two steps. And the steps change with each show.

Please note Automatic Noise Removal will not pass music. It’s voice only. The first time you produce a musical note, ANR sees it as trash and sucks it out. It’s a common complaint. You can’t sing, either.

No I don’t know of any other package that will do that, but I think it’s a feature of some of the expensive ones like Pro Tools.