ReaEQ stopped working in Audacity

Reaper’s ReaEQ stopped working with Audacity from Audacity 2.1.1 I think. I have tried it in audacity-win-rbd9fc44-2.1.3-alpha-13-apr-16 with Windows 10, all it does is open. Nothing else.

ReaEQ is a handy high/low/band pass/notch filter with dB gain. Can you recommend any others?

The above alpha build works for everything I have tried to do with it. Other than ReaEQ.

ReaEQ v2.36 32-bit works for me on Windows 10 in the latest 2.1.3-alpha, except that clicking “Add Band” and “Remove Band” freezes Audacity, requiring force quit. That does not happen in 2.1.1.


The crashes are already noted in ReaEQ is usable for me if I only use the graph.


Paul L 2016-04-05 15:23:29 EDT
No success yet trying to reproduce this. Are there more precise steps?

He’s working on it.

It works if I import a custom preset from an early enough audacity and if I don’t click to add or remove a tab. Good enough.