Ready Player One - Will Wheaton narrates - breath control

Here’s the link to the Ready Player One audiobook at Amazon:

There’s a 4-5 minute audio sample. Everybody who likes the book also likes this performance. I like it too, mostly because it’s a simple straight reading without any theatrics. One thing I noticed is his breath control. The breaths between phrases within a sentence are left in, but in the places where he would take a deep breath to start again between sentences, the breaths are completely gone.

For my own recordings, I’m thinking that I’d copy a half-second +/- of room tone into the clipboard, then select each of those longer in-between sentences areas and paste the room tone. That would shorten the space and eliminate the breath in one step. Is there a better way? Better, meaning faster but achieving the same result.

There are DeBreath plugins, but I don’t know of one which works in Audacity