Re: Trouble burning a music C.D.

I just recently learned how to use Auadacity a little. I recorded some music from a cassette tape. It recorded well. I did all the processing on it from the effects menu and before I exported it sounded very good. I exported it as MP3. Then I went to ITunes and played the music in question. No problem there. I decided to burn a CD-R. There seemed to be no problem here either. Until I put it on my CD Player (I have three of them) and the CD-R that I supposedly burned would not play. Just made a big hissing noise. I spoiled five CD-R disks trying to get this music burned and not one of the five would play. Does anyone have any advice. I followed all the instruction given in Audacity and ITunes for burning a CD. It is not my first time burning CD’s and they have always been successful. What is going wrong in this particular case, can anyone tell me?


When you tell iTunes that you want to burn a CD, make sure the burn dialog window says Music CD.


Audacity doesn’t always supply perfectly normal sound files and when iTunes sees one of these things, it’s a toss-up whether it needs to produce a Data CD or a Music CD. It could be either. You can specifically tell iTunes what to do at the burn step.


Thank you to all who responded to my questions. All of your advice was very helpful. I did get the problem solved. Much appreciated.