Re-tracking concert recording

Windows Vista
Audacity 2.0 from exe

I have a file set of FLAC files of a concert recording that were recorded, mixed down, and tracked live. As such, the track markings are all over the place. I would like to re-track the recording. I know how to separate tracks using labels. Given that, I surmise that the easiest way to retrack this file set, would be to erase the current markings and start from scratch, essentially joining the say 10 FLAC files and then placing entirely new track markings rather than moving around the one’s that already exist. I may be wrong in assuming that. I am all ears for either method if someone can help.

In conclusion, how do i take these separate FLAC files and either move the current track markers or erase the current markers so that I can create new ones?

Thank you

I’m not sure what you mean about “track markers” in the FLAC files.

If you import a number of FLAC files into an Audacity project and line them all up on one track, then you can use labels and Export Multiple to create new FLAC (or WAV) files for each “track” (song?) from the performance. Upon importing the FLAC files any “track markers” should disappear. On export you will have one FLAC file for each song, not one FLAC file with file markers for each song.

– Bill

Bill, can you explain how to import multiple FLAC files into a single project? New to this. Thanks

Open a new project
Choose File > Import > Audio
Select all the FLAC files

Each file is imported into its own track. Using the Time Shift tool, move them all onto one track in the right order. Delete the empty tracks.

  • Bill

That worked. Thanks Bill