RE: Track Numbering In Audacity 'Win_2.2.0'

Hi folks,

I have just joined the forum tonight having d/l Audacity ‘Win_2.2.0’ onto my Windows_10 PC. Therefore this is my very first post.

This week I d/l an album from You-Tube album (Chick Corea’s ‘The Sun’). I would not originally d/l a CD from You-Tube, however this recording is ultra rare or else costs (second-hand) circa $200+!

Albeit, the album has no track-markings! In other words, it is one continuous track from start to end.

Anyway, I watched some tutorials on ‘Audacity’ this afternoon and tried to make the CD edits (ie. creating track-markings) using Audacity. I split the tracks and exported.

But even though all of the tracks are correctly numbered (1-5), they only appear in alphabetical order (rather than by respective track number?):
Many thanks in advance for any kind assistance offered here.

Paul David Seaman (UK)

A quick look on Google suggests more like $50.

Good CD burning software will allow you to order tracks however you wish, irrespective of the file name or metadata.
I rarely use Windows these days, though when I did I used CDBurnerXP (free).

You may also find this article helpful:

Hi Steve,

I had only really looked on eBay and Amazon for Chick Corea’s ‘The Sun’. Seems to have been a 1970s Japanese release only and never pressed to CD. Besides, I don’t own a turntable anymore.

Thanks for the LINK. It led me to this:

Are you suggesting that once I have created all of the ‘track markings’, then (via Audacity) I BURN the FLAC file to a hard copy CD? And then open up the CD in a my CD ripping s/w (Illustrate and number the tracks there?

Many thanks,


Hi Steve,

I think I may have sorted it now thanks. It seemed to be a case of adding a prefix to the song title in Windoze!