Re sequencing hundreds of AU files

Hello there,

Long story short (ish), I recorded a 25 minute interview direct in to Audacity and thought I’d saved and exported the project correctly. Instead, I was left with a folder slugged “data” within which contained one file (audacity project file that doesn’t open) and one folder. Within that folder is the interview cut into hundreds of six second files, which I can import in Audacity, however it’s a random selection. Is there a shortcut to re sequencing them into the correct order? Any information/help will be forever appreciated!

Your Audacity project consists of two files. There is the AUP file and the _data folder. For example, the file"myproject.aup" and the folder “myproject_data”. They must be in the same folder. If the AUP file is inside the _data folder, move it outside the _data folder. Then try to open the AUP file.
– Bill

How did your AUP file get inside the _DATA folder? It’s almost a 100% bet Audacity didn’t put it there. Did you change the names of either the AUP or the _DATA folder? There may be ways to fix that.

Open the AUP file in TextEdit and read it. It should look something like this.

Note you can read a lot of that. It’s in English-like programming.

If your file is filled with graphics, nonsense characters, or worse yet blank, then that’s the end of the show. That can happen if you close the recorder before it’s done writing the files and folders.

Let us know.


Thanks Bill (and Koz) I managed to get it ironed out by simply dragging the file folder out of the Data folder and it worked! Perfectly! Thank you both so much, cannot tell you how much it’s appreciated.