Re-recording an existing track on to a new track


I hope I can find an answer to this here, so here goes. I am using Windows 7, Audacity 2.3.2 and I am an old senile git aged 69!

I wish to send the recorded music from 1 track in Audacity out, then through a guitar fx pedal and the resultant signal then to be recorded onto a new track. I am sure that I was able to do this in the past but I seem unable to accomplish it now. What I have tried to do is take a line out from the PC/amp/Audacity, with the desired guitar part playing solo (ie all other tracks muted) and back into the PC/Audacity via Alesis io2 express audio interface. I swear that it used to work years ago (maybe I am having a few “senior moments”) but I cannot get it to do it these days. If it is of use, then the effects unit is a Digitech RP360. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

I hope that I am asking this question in the correct place/area or whatever you young people call such things, these days!

Thank you.

Start with [u]overdubbing[/u]. You’re not really overdubbing, but the setup is similar (playing and recording at the same time).

Then, you’ll need to figure-out if you’ve got a recording problem or a playback problem. For that, it should be helpful to use your guitar (to see if you’re recording) and your guitar-amp (plugged into the effects box) to see if you’re playing-back through the effects box.