re-recording a small section in a track

Is there a function on this program to re-record a section on the fly. Other programs I’ve used allow you to mark a section to rerecord and you play through the area you want to keep and when it comes to the section you want to redo it automatically switches to record mode then switches back to play mode at the end of that selected section.

Is there a function on this program to re-record a section on the fly.

That’s a very frequently requested feature.

Last I checked, the best we can do is start recording at the cursor location on a blank track.You can use the editing tools to integrate the new track into the old one.


OK thanks. Maybe if there are enough requests, the next version will come with this feature.

I noted your “vote”.

There is an alternative rough and ready workflow.

  1. Select from the end of the piece you want to correct to the end of the track (you can do this by clicking at the end of the audio to be corrected then hold SHIFT and press K).
  2. Edit > Find Zero Crossings (or press Z).
  3. Edit > Cut (or CTRL + X).
  4. Select the audio to be corrected, Edit > Find Zero Crossings, DELETE.
  5. Hold SHIFT and click Record to record your correction at the end of the remaining audio. Stop when recording is done.
  6. Press K to move the cursor to the end of the track.
  7. Edit > Paste (or CTRL + V).

Or instead of Stop in Step 5, SHIFT + A to stop at the point where recording ended, then CTRL + V. This saves having to do Step 6 (press K).


Stop when recording is done.

Which can be any duration. So you’re not directly correcting a four second error, although I guess you can edit your new dialog before you paste the end of the show back on to maintain the overall show duration.

I’ve always said the smash-record ability is fine for going into the edit, but you’re coming out completely blind (or deaf).


The only advantage of those coarse steps is if you are really averse to having more than one track.

Some people much prefer to stick to one track.