re-recorded in the middle of recording and voice doesn't match

I’m creating a webinar and decided to re-record a section of the training. How do I make is so the two sections sound the same?

In what way does it sound different?
Were both parts recorded in the same location, using the same equipment?
How long is the newly recorded section?

Did you keep a WAV of the original work so you have something to fall back on if the patch doesn’t work?

If you’re in Windows, did you turn off all the Windows Enhancements before you started the project? Left on its own, Windows will try to patch your voice into communications or conferencing quality. If so, the voice quality may change recording to recording and may never match.

As above, you should record exactly the same way, in the same location and with the same microphone and connection as the first recording. If you didn’t do that the chances of matching are not zero, but they’re very close.

You should have made the patch as a second Audacity track underneath the first track so you can patch and manage the second track gracefully, and do everything to a copy of the original WAV file.

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 7.34.25.png