RE: Preference troubles. In Audacity set up tutorial

In the 1st Audacity Preferences tutorial at -Audio I/O I see pre set selection for Playback device -MICROSOFT SOUND MAPPING output. Abd, in Recording device theirs reads MICROSOFT SOUND MAPPING INPUT. I DON’T SEE THAT IN MINE. In my CONTROL PANEL I double checked that my Microphone in recording is working and enabled. My webcam is plugged in and it has audio. Why isn’t anything registering in the selection area? What is MICROSOFT SOUND MAPPING and why is it shown in the tutorial as the AUTOMATIC selection and ordinarily appears there as the Recording device and is called MICROSOFT SOUND MAPPING INPUT?
What problems as I having?
Thank you,
Famous Mahramus

What is exactly your problem? and what has this to do with compiling audacity?

If you want to record from the mic in a usb webcam you probably want to choose the device with “USB” in its name in the recording devices.