Re: Native komplete6 rec problems on audacity [SOLVED]

I have tried to rec real time piano samples on audacity from my master keyboard via midi to a komplete6 sound interface usb attached to a windows7 pc without success. What are the right setting on audacity audio system and in windows?
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Where does the sound that you want to record come from?
Audacity does not record MIDI.

I was able to rec with a terratec dx fire 2496 via usb using loopback setting. Would to do the same job using komplete6 that I bought for very good latency time. But no loopback setting showed in audacity with this new sound card.

If you set Audacity to use WASAPI as the “host” in the device toolbar, is there a “loopback” option in the recording devices for the komplete6 device? If so, try using that. (for more information, see:

Hi Steve,
thanks for your attention.
In the device toolbar there are three loopback option (spdf output loopback, main output loopback and output 3/4 komplete audio 6 wdm loopback) . With everyone of these loopback options and windows wasabi device the rec function doesn’ start. ( Red button pushed, time line stopped at zero line time).

What choices do you have for Komplete6 in Device Toolbar playback devices? Can you generate a tone in Audacity and simply play that tone to Komplete 6 and hear it in headphones plugged into the Kompletet6? If not I doubt you are going to record from it without cables. What audio input ports does your computer have?

Note that with WASAPI loopback you must play the stream before you press Record in Audacity.


Hi Gale,
thanks for your reply.
At last I resolved the issue.
The problem was the wrong setting on kontakt5 audio engine toolbar. I set asio komplete6 driver instead of wasapi stream, the right one . Now all works well!!

Thanks for telling us the detailed solution. I’m sure that will help anyone else wanting to record playback from this device. I’ll mark this topic [SOLVED] and lock it now.