Re: How do I mix an entire track dead pan in the center?

I’m not sure what vocal removal you’re talking about, but if you make a track mono that will definitely make everything center panned…

What are you trying to achieve?

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I’m not sure how the other software removes the vocal track, from what you say maybe some frequency filtering is done too.

If you’re recording in audacity and you already have the instrumental track with the vocals removed, the best way to achieve what you’re looking for is to import the original track with vocal into audacity, then activate the “overdub” option from the transport menu and start recording. Use headphones for listening. You’ll be listening to the original track and what you’re singing to the mic will be recorded in a new track.

You’ll then have 2 tracks, one stereo track with the original song and a second track with your vocals only.

Import the instrumental version to a new track (File menu → import audio). Delete or mute the first track (the original). You then have your voice track and the instrumental track. Use the time shift tool if you need to sync it better.

Does this solve your problem?

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