(Re) find an erased piece of a Clip

how can I find the part of a clip that I erased ?
The whole file still exists since I can find it with an Apple Z ?
but after doing many other editing manipulations, I cannot use this method.
On other systems , you just have to pull the Clip.
I tried , impossible, also tried to make a selection of the missing part and find in the menu a “recover function” …nothing
Thanks for help
Audacity 2.1.0
OS 10.11.6

Audacity does “destructive editing”. When you erase part of a clip it is gone. You can get it back with Undo, but that means undoing all of your actions that you might have performed after erasing part of the clip. Once you close a project the undo history is gone.

You say you can find the file in the Finder. In that case you’ll need to import the file into Audacity and find the section you want to recover.

You’re using a very old version of Audacity. We recommend upgrading to version 2.3.2 here.

– Bill

Dear Bill,
Thank you so much for thïs very clear
explanation.You’re right i’m gonna load the last version.
Best regards