Re-Do of Effects After "Moving On"

Hi …

First … Just wanted you guys to know how much I am appreciating and enjoying working with audacity for my music projects. It has opened up new singing ops for me ( non performance at this time ) such as trying out new and different music genres and vocal styings that I would not have otherwise attempted in Public.

Thanks !!!

Now to the Question …

Is there a way to … AFTER Either doing a “Save Project As” or AFTER making several various “Effects” Adjustments to the different tracs of a project … “Alter” or totally “Erase” such effects as the G-verb so I can re - do it ??? I Know I Can do a “Re-do” button just after I have made the initial adjustments to G-verb and Compression and re-do anything at that particular time but after I have moved on and done many more adjustments on this and other tracs I can’t seem to find a way to re-calculate my G-verb effect without totally erasing all other adjustments ( which again I don’t know how to do After any “Save Project As” attempts ) made after the one (s) in question.The reason I ask is … I often will think I have just the right mix in the computer speakers but when I get it on CD and listen on my car or other really good system the mix has too much or too litte G-verb but it has been impossible for me to adjust the levels after a "Save Project As " or after having made multiple other type effects adjustments “Previous” to doing a "Save As " ???

Help Anyone ???



First, this is not a “forum issue”. Perhaps one of the other moderators can move it to the appropriate forum, such as “Recording Techniques”.

The best way to deal with adding any reverb effect is explained here:

– Bill