Re: Bad sound quality after recording with Audacity

I reposted this topic because nobody answered to my previous one:

That’s because we don’t know. And we still don’t know.

The minute you go into a multi-software computer, all bets are off. Audacity is a very simple sound program and likes running on very simple computers.

I would bet that Windows setups have become scrambled because of the different pathways and you might be recording your laptop microphone or other service instead of your headset mic. You could be recording your headset microphone more than once through accidental recursive pathways.

The best we can do is point to the Device Pulldown (next to the microphone symbol) and make sure it’s recording what you want. You can go into Edit > Audacity > Preferences > Devices and see what they point to.

If you have multiple sound programs running, then we can’t be any help. Chances of finding someone that has your exact setup are not good, either.


The phrase that pays is: “I want to record my voice and…”

Unless you’re planning on mixing a show outside the computer, that’s the kiss of death. This is the same problem that the Skype people have. No, you can’t easily record both sides of a Skype call. Two different sound programs running at once.