Re: Auto track separate

Basically no - and I say this having coverted a lot of vinyl LPs

Whatevever settings you make you are likely to end up with false positives and or some missing ones. One of the Forum elves, Steve, has been experimenting with an inproved sound/silence finder - but when I trialled it for him it was sli
slightly better but still not 100% accurate.

What I do is to place labels as the LP records - if you hit Ctrl+M then Audacity will place a label at the current recording or playback position. Or you can click the cursor on the intertrack waveform while recording and hit Ctrl+B to place a label at the cursor position.

If I leave the recoring unattended I usually find that if after recording I zoom to fit the project window (I only process one side of an LP at a time) then I can usually easily spot the intertrack gaps. This gets hareder when you have say live recordings or LPs that deliberately flow the tracks on, like Sgt. Pepper - but the silence/sound finder would definitely struggle there too :slight_smile:

You can always fine tune the labels’ positioning by moving them.

And then you have to use the Export Multiple to generate the separate files as defined by the labelling


BTW there are no “managers” here - this isn’t a major corporation, it’s a volunteer task force :sunglasses:

This set of tutorials from the manual my be useful to you:

In particular this suggested workflow: