rcording cassett/USB to windows

I am trying to record cassette to my computer using an Encore model 2040MO with a USB cable. Nothing is working right. No recording, No play through. I tried several tutorials from internet but does not help. The Audacity manual is no help either. :confused:

Are you getting sound out of the tape player’s speaker or its headphone jack?

Make sure you’ve selected the USB device as your [u]Recording Device[/u].

Yes I did all of that. But I found that the microphone volume control resets to mute and zero after a minute or so. when I unmute and increase volume it works for about a minute and then mutes again.

That is either because you have Skype which is interfering, or a bug in your standard Windows USB class audio drivers, or a virus on your computer, or perhaps a fault with the USB port or USB cable you are using.

You would have to try each of those possibilities in turn. An anti-virus check is always a good idea. Someone else had exactly your problem with a USB audio device and fixed it by running MalwareBytes to remove the virus concerned.