Raw Import yields "loud" audio. Help me?


I’ve got some raw audio data with the Vox ADPCM Encoding. When I import it into Audacity, I can hear it, but it sounds as if someone turned the gain up to max and then turned the system volume down to listen to. The Waveform is solid blue and the L/R sound level is hitting the very end of the bar. Not sure how to fix this. If I choose any other encoding, it just comes out as high-pitched static. I’ve included and image.
Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 7.58.45 PM.jpg

Raw never works. It depends on you telling it in fine detail how to open a file that you know nothing at all about.

What happens if you install the FFMpeg software and then try a simple import?



VOX ADPCM (if it really is that) is by definition raw audio, so FFmpeg won’t help: Dialogic ADPCM - Wikipedia.

Are you choosing Little Endian in import raw? If the file was made on a Mac it could be Big Endian.

VOX files are usually 8000 Hz, so try that sample rate when you import them.

If the file has headers (not raw) and it is really some other format then try examining the file in “MediaInfo” from MediaInfo - Download MediaInfo for Microsoft Windows. Get the version without installer, because the installer may have malware or adware.