RAW Data Import - Audio distorting


I am trying to import an aiff. file as Raw data because it cannot be played. I recorded the file by outputting sound from Max MSP.

After I import the file, it is really distorted, like it is clipping throughout. When I recorded it from Max MSP the levels were fine, so why is this the case after it is imported into Audacity?

Thank you

Almost certainly because you have chosen the wrong raw data settings for the file.

If it is really an AIFF file it should have headers that describe its content making raw import un-necessary. However, depending what exact audio codec it contains you may need to add FFmpeg to your computer to import the file normally. After installing FFmpeg, use File > Import > Audio… or File > Open… and chose the “FFmpeg-compatible files” file type before selecting the file.

If that does not help you could install MediaInfo which should tell you details of the file, assuming it has headers.


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