Raw Data Clean Up

I’ve imported raw data (a .DAT file) into Audacity because every converter and other methods I’ve tried haven’t worked at all, and while this is the closest I’ve gotten, the actual sound is covered in noise and static. I was hoping that someone on here could look at the file or possibly point me towards a way I can get this .DAT file to a .WAV. I only changed the encoder to VOX when importing the data, everything else was kept the same. The file is uploaded here: https://www.mediafire.com/?2kiz681qxh2m33l

It’s not a question of “cleaning up” the audio, but rather a question of knowing how to decode the audio correctly. Unfortunately we are not able to help with that because it appears to be in a non-standard and not publicly documented format. If the audio is from a game, you could try looking with Google or your favourite search engine to see if there is a “modders forum” (for people that “mod” [modify] the game) for that game. Note that most commercial games are covered by licensing terms that are likely to make unauthorised copying of the audio illegal.