Rate or Speed?

Hello there,

while there are a couple of post that seem to brush this subject, I couldn’t really bring the stuff into play. So, here’s my latest question:

  • recording from webradio, dumped into wav, then encoded to ogg
  • ogg file, reported Rate: 32 000, nominal bitrate 120 kb/s, by ogginfo
  • sounds awful - as if playing at lower speed. Interestingly enough, other files at 32KHz play just fine.
  • rate as reported by Audacity is 44100
  • if I increase the play speed to 1.4 using the slider, sounds just fine.

So I was wondering: I do I get the file to sound right, that is, how do I increase the actual rate? When I try to set the project rate in Audacity, it just goes ‘Disallowed for some reason, try selecting some audio’ - even though I do have some chunk selected, or the whole file, or nothing.



You need to post on the correct board - Windows, Linux or Mac / 1.2.x or 1.3.x

Oh, sorry, never thought of doing that… - the error was actually just a side remark, I was mostly interested in changing the speed - I couldn’t figure out how to do it. What’s your suggestion?

You can select the track and use the Audacity Effect>Change Speed to permanently change the speed at which this track plays.

But it sounds as though you have a sample rate conflict that you need to sort out - so that you can record and playback at the correct speeds right off - so you don’t get this problem with future recordings.


Hello there,

while I was wondering on which speed to convert to, I found out that the tracks have a Rate setting. This I changed to 44100, which produced the correct speed. I suppose no information was lost in the process - do I understand it correctly, that the rate is indicated in the vorbis file header?

Now, in a relatively large collection of recordings, I have just a few files rated at 32000. It’s still not clear why this happened: earlier recordings were fine; after I noticed the problem, I explicitly passed the rate to mplayer (which I use to read from the internet into a wav file). Probably some modification in mplayer’s whims, or in the radio stream.

What I was wondering now was, is there a way to do this on the command line?