ransomware in Audacity 2.12 installer.

I just tried to install audacity 2.12 with the full Windows 7 installer. My malwarebytes anti-ramsomware stopped the install and said that I have ransomware agent.

Note that this is NOT an ad for the malwarebytes products. This is a serious post about what happened 10 minutes ago.

Thus I uninstalled the installer etc after it was quarantined. I will keep on using the earlier audacity version that I already had full installed. Please advise as to what this means for all users.

Thank you.

I’d suggest that you completely delete all traces of that downloaded “Audacity” file and at your earliest convenience, ensure that your anti-virus is updated and run a full in-depth scan of the system (the slow one that reboots your machine then runs overnight.

When that’s done, download Audacity from the first link on the official download page: http://www.audacity.audio/download/windows/
That will take you to the correct download page as FossHub (who supply the massive bandwidth for downloads). Normally the download will start automatically after a couple of seconds, though some security products may prevent that, in which case you will need to click on the link:
Download Audacity Windows Installer - 25.27 MB | version: 2.1.2 | Check the MD5/SHA1/SHA256 hash”

FossHub is advert supported, and while they take care to ensure that their adverts are safe and not misleading, you should still be careful what you click on.

The TotalVirus report for this download is here: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/22e0f0ada3e8d24690dd741ca9feb868dffc024d45d2cd3168f8c54c47eec3c9/analysis/1457256623/

@zentoo1 - Please note that we do not allow or deliver adware/malware. I am curious to know where or how did you got that ransomware in Audacity? Could you please be kind and post a few screenshots with what you did? It would be great if you could replicate the process. We list all files hashes on our our website but you can always upload them on VirusTotal and check if the files are clean.

We do monitor the ads on a daily basis and we block them as fast as possible but please be careful and report the deceptive/misleading ones using our contact form: http://www.fosshub.com/contact.html

Thank you!
Sam - FossHub

Audacity does not supply any “2.12” version nor do we have “full” installers or trials/restricted versions.

I would guess you downloaded Audacity from a scam advertisement. If so you should report the advertisement to the abuse address for the search portal you used.


I thought st the time that I was downloading Audacity from the official site. Maybe I did click on an ad then.

I have deleted all of these weird files then. I will scan my machine. Thank you.