"Random" tracks are being stretched with no obvious rhyme or reason

I am using Audacity 3.5.1 with Windows 10 Home. A handful of times now, certain tracks have been stretched. Pitch was not affected. When it happened, it happened with two or three tracks in the session. I noticed the tracks looked a little different, the lines dividing the clips were thinner, and it looked like one clip was overlapping another. Also, double clicking a stretched clip would highlight a longer portion of the track. Hopefully that makes some sort of sense. I saw the problem was brought up by at least one person, but they did not include much relevant info and there wasn’t much feedback.

After it happened the first time, I recovered my original sources and now I’m saving all the stems as the project grows… Luckily, nothing is damaged beyond repair.

Loving all the updates!!

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Hi, I’m having issues with the latest version as well. Extremely slow (scrolling screen was always behind the actual recording), editing is almost impossible because of how slow the scroll bar reacts, and I’m getting a new error that I’ve never had before - whole sections of the recordings drop with no rhyme or reason. Incredibly frustrating having to try and re-record stuff hoping that the software doesn’t glitch in the middle.

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