Random Selection Quantization

Hello again,
I have been encountering an odd problem recently: When I go to select audio, Audacity automatically quantizes the selection to some random (but constant) amount. (It’s actually .001 seconds, but since I work on a sample-by sample basis a lot, it’s much too much.) So I can no longer select very small areas or precisely clip audio. This is a very obnoxious thing and I did not tell Audacity to do this. I don’t know when it started; I have only noticed it recently due to the fact that I’m editing a track.

I looked through the settings, but I can’t find anything that would be causing this to happen. Like I said, I never prompted Audacity to start doing this, it just started by itself. I have not recently installed a new version or any new plugins, everthing’s been as it’s been except this thing started randomly. What’s causing this?

I think you did, by checking “Snap To” in Selection Toolbar.


Well ok then, I unchecked that. I seriously have no clue why it was checked in the first pace. Well, at least I now know what it does!

Snap To will have an explanatory tooltip in the next 2.0.2 release.