Random selection insertion [feature]

I propose a feature to select random parts of an audio track 1 and in this selection insert audio track 2.
For example, black strips are random parts selected in audio track 1 in which can be inserted other audio track.

Do you mean “random” or “arbitrary”?
What’s the use case for this proposed feature?

These black strips are of random time length (using some RNG). There could be different patterns of selection with different numbers of selection strips.

It greatly helps in production of music.

There are free beat-slicer plugins … https://youtu.be/m1M_AiLeeuA?t=200

I tried it but you can’t have that much of control with this. Also a lot of VSTs like Bread Slicer just add silence for the most of the audio track then changes something small in the end. Not really usable. I don’t know what DAW he’s using in the video but VST in Audacity doesn’t sound like that after the effect happens.

You need to be more specific. A “random” time length could be anything between zero and infinity, though (obviously) a time length of a million years would not be useful, and neither would a time length of zero.

I doubt that it will sound particularly “musical” in the traditional sense of “pitch, melody, harmony and rhythm”, though it could create an interesting effect.

First it would take a whole length of audio track. Then some random number generator would choose say 15 strips of some random length (set between 0 and original audio length.) These strips would select parts of audio track where you can insert other audio track or delete these strips.

That’s not restrictive enough to be useful. For example, one possible and legitimate output would be 1 strip that’s the original length, and 14 strips of zero length. Even more problematic is that those “rules” allow two or more strips to be more than half the original length.

yeah, we’re neither adding discontinuous time selection nor a way to randomize it any time soon.

Thanks for the link, if I face any more problems, I will message you.