random playback distortion

Im a long time user of audacity for simple things - quick playbacks, conversions and a tad of recording. I recently bought an audioquest dragonfly black to allow for better quality playback without carrying around a bigger interface and beacuse one of my macbookpro speakers is a problem - I have come across distortion in playback on random tracks with differing formats that always goes if i stop audacity playback a couple of times and sometimes appears in the middle of playback. Ive never had this before on any other interface or macspeaker playback with audacity but do recognise
it as some sort of clocking issue I used to get with PRoTools many years ago? It doesnt happen in any other form of playback cog/itunes/vlc or even streaming.

The forum does suggest increase or decrease of audio buffer in prefs playback section which i cant see - any braintrusts out here



Forgot to say im on osx 10.9 on this mac and the tracks are not overloaded in any way and mainly jazz


Are you plugged in via a hub or other USB adapter? Do you have access to more than one USB connection? Does that make a difference (either way)?

I have a machine with 10.9.5 and I use a short USB jumper cable so I don’t wear out the connection in the machine. Did you wear yours out? Does it still do that if you tape the headphone cable to the desk so the computer end doesn’t move?

What other things are running on your machine? How many doc icons do you have lit?

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 3.21.07.png

Hi thanks for coming back to me

Ive tried Hub powered + unpowered and fitted the audioquest directly with same result - its definately a digital audacity/audioquest thing.
I cant repeat it using anyother p;layback software and doesnt happen using the macs line out without the audioquest. My macbookpros
distorting speaker is a failing farting speaker playing back anything from athe computer. Im old school with macs so have only mail and firefox
running in the background much of the time though i can repeat the problem with them turned off.

The audioquest was an investment for better quality playback and i admit i havent tried it on my work macbookpro with 10.12 OS from 2015 as
I really need it on this machine - Ive even tried a few other stereo editors like wavelab and twisted wave without any issues but Ive used audacity
so long and still teach it to some journos.

I did see mention in the forums about adjusting audio buffers in audacity but im on v2.1.2 and cant see any prefs for this bar recording latencies
which i tried anyway but had no effect on playback

tahnks again