Random Clicks and Pops with 2.2.x ?


i recently upgraded to 2.2.1. I installed Audacity from the regular Arch Linux Repositories.

The use case i’m mostly talking about here is mastering files from Audacity over Jamin back into Audacity, using JACK2 for the routing, even though the same thing
happens during simple playback over JACK2.

Ever since the upgrade, i experience random clicks and pops. JACK2 doesn’t show any XRuns (also XRuns sound dfferent). The clicks are random in the sense
that they sometimes occur during playback and recording, but not always, and not always in the same place. Also, they sound ratehr “analog”, not the single “1” sample
you immediately see looking at the waveform …

I’m not sure if this happens with 2.1.3 as well, but at least the effect is way less pronounced. Is there any viable explanation for this ?


Hi, i did some more experiments and could narrow it down to my audio interface (a Steinberg UR-22).

As it seems it’s not related to Audacity … my brain must have tricked me in regard to the less frequent
occurrance in 2.1.x.

if you want please close this topic (sorry for not doing more research earlier …).


That is curious.

If you’ve not already done so, it may be worth checking all of your leads, and cleaning the connector contact surfaces with alcohol or “switch cleaner” (be careful with alcohol and switch cleaner as that can dissolve some types of plastic).

It is also possible that the clicks could be due to electrical interference, either from inside the computer, or external interference (at my previous home, I found that clicks were produced every time the fridge in the kitchen switched itself on or off). External interference is easier to test with a laptop than a full size computer - take the kit to another building and test.

I’ll leave this topic open for now in case you discover the source of the clicks. If you do find the cause, please update us.