Raising Audacity's Priority in Task Manager

I’m using Windows XP SP3. Per Carla Schroder’s instructions (The Book of Audacity), I’m trying to raise its priority but Audacity isn’t displayed in my Task Manager. Has anyone else encountered this?

No. Is Audacity actually running?

If you want to always run Audacity at high priority you can instead create a shortcut to launch Audacity with high priority.

  1. In the Audacity installation folder, right-click and create a new text document, call it “audacity.bat” (without quotes) - say yes if you are asked if you want to change the extension
  2. Right-click over audacity.bat > Edit
  3. Type in
start /high audacity

and save the changes
4. Right-click over audacity.bat > Send to > Desktop (create shortcut)
5. Launch Audacity from that Desktop shortcut.

You can probably right-click over the shortcut > Properties and change the icon if you want.


Thanks for the help, Gale. That did the trick.