raise precision of a nyquist plugin?

I’m trying to use the nyquist plug-in (a look-ahead compressor) from this site: http://pdf23ds.net/dynamic-compressor/. But when I slide the floor slider, the numbers change in increments of .01. Can I make it go in increments of .001 instead? I can type “.003” into the box next to the slider, but if I do something else and then come back, it will read “.00”, so I think it’s not really taking the .003. I tried editing the .ny file so that slider said “.020 0.000 1.000” instead of “.02 0.0 1.0”, but that didn’t seem to make a difference.


Sorry, that link does not work.
Can you try posting the link address again, or just post the contents of the .ny file

Usually entering a higher precision number manually will work, even though the effect does not “remember” the number.

Hi Steve, thanks for the response. The author changed his website around; the plugin is at http://pdf23ds.net/software/dynamic-compressor/ now. Thanks for the advice. The author of the plugin also suggested I just reduce the range of the slider, so it would be more precise over its new range. --Allen

Oh yes, that plug-in. I really like it (does what it says on the tin).

Do you know how to do that, or do you need help with it?

I do; I was just mentioning it. Thanks!