Radio signal interruption/interference

I was wondering how i can edit my voice to make it sound like a radio signal with interference. I already know how to make it sound like a radio, i would just like to know how to add a realistic interference sound effect. I’m trying to aim for a military-encoded RTTY-75 (Radio Teletype 75 baud WIDE) transmission for my own personal use in a project with Gamemaker Studio.

Do you have a sample of the sound you want, in case none of us has ever met a military-encoded RTTY-75 (Radio Teletype 75 baud WIDE) transmission?


Well, this is the best example i could find online. Yes, it is the Mangle radio sound from Fnaf, i know, but i couldn’t find a better sample out there so this will have to do.

So you got the bad single-sideband voice OK? How did you do it? I live mid-way between three Hams. I’d just have them do it. Buy them donuts and they’ll do anything.

There’s no shortage of samples of FSK tones.

The Digital Voice samples sound pretty cool. Loop your brains out. Combine two or more. If it’s theatrical, is just has to sound like the right thing and not fool a real grunt, right?


I used Equalization and High Pass Filter effects on my voice multiple times. Also, i looked on the link you gave me, and it showed samples of RTTY 170Hz 50Bd, but no 75Bd (which is what i’m aiming for) I’m also trying to get a signal interference effect to go along with it, which i have not found. I’ll continue to search for a bit myself and see if i can’t find anything. :slight_smile:

So this isn’t “theatrically approximate” and you really are trying to fool somebody. That’s why I asked you about the Single Sideband sound. That has a very distinctive acoustic fingerprint and you’d never be able to fool a real radio operator with the Audacity Equalizer.


ok, then how do i apply a “Single side-band” effect if possible?