Quits Randomly

I’m having an issue where Audacity quits recording spontaneously. It doesn’t appear to crash or freeze, it just stops as if I’d click the stop button. The two times I’ve experienced this were about 38 and 43 seconds in. One other time, I didn’t keep track of the time, figuring it was just a fluke.

Audacity 2.1.0
Windows 10 Home
Recording guitar hooked up via USB through a Behringer Guitar LInk UCG102
Guitar and practice amp are attached to Guitar Link with a Y cable
While recording, I have a click track play through the PC speakers and the guitar through the practice amp

Thanks in advance for any tips!

it just stops as if I’d click the stop button.

Is it in actual Stop? The stop button goes from sunshine yellow with highlight and drop shadow in Record or Play to dull amber when you’re actually in Stop.

That would be good to know.

I think Record Halt happens when Audacity loses the incoming data stream, but not connection management. Someone will correct me. Make sure the connection is all the way in. Or unplug and replug several times. That’s the knock the dirt loose theory.

Try a different USB port.


Oh, and another problem, Audacity doesn’t support Win10 yet.


Also try restarting the machine. Win + X then choose “Shut Down”.


Ok thanks. Yes, it’s a stop - as if I had clicked the button to stop recording, but I didn’t.

Thanks for the note on Win 10. I wasn’t aware of that. Seems to work fine though. I’ll try a different USB port.
For what it’s worth, I’m using the Windows DirectSound as the Audio Host and USB Audio CODEC (Generic USB Audio) as the controller. A friend at work I ran this buy suggested I try using the asio4all driver instead.

I think I got it. Changed some of the devices. Different USB port. Installed the ASIO4ALL v2 driver. Change the level on my UCG102 from lo to hi as well. Successfully recorded 1:45 of audio and it didn’t stop.

Thanks for the ideas!

I’m glad it’s working now.

Audacity as shipped does not support ASIO.

So from what I recall, to make Audacity work best with UCG 102, you should not install the Behringer ASIO drivers.

If you have a cheap Chinese facsimile version of the UCG 102, you may receive erratic behaviour.