Quirky Behavior on RPi 3

Just to see how it would work, I put Audacity on a RaspberryPi, downloading an optimized version of the program from the Raspbian repository. My audio interface is a Presonus AudioBox USB, connected via ALSA… I’m playing around with the idea of a noiseless computer for the voiceover community.

I got it to work for the most part recording short files, but I get a loud TICK starting playback from anywhere within the file. I also seem to be recording on only the left channel on a mono mic.

I’ll be working with it on my own to see what I can get it to do and to try and clear up the ticks. In the meantime, if anyone has any constructive tips, I enthusiastically welcome them. Thanks.

Alan in Washington DC

Just to be clear, Audacity does not officially support Raspberry Pi and we don’t give support for versions of Audacity “optimised” for Raspbian. Please see: http://www.audacityteam.org/download/linux/#sysreq. You should probably obtain support through your distro.

It is not abnormal for a mono mic to record left-channel only, even on a supported machine. Try setting Device Toolbar to mono recording.

If you want, you could document your experiments with Audacity on Raspbian and describe what optimisations have been made to Audacity on our WIki: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Audacity_Wiki_Home_Page. If done well, it could be a useful resource. Let me know if you would like that, because you would need a Wiki account.


Hi Gale, thanks for the reply.

I know what I’m using on my RPi isn’t an official spin and I didn’t want to imply that it was. Essentially here I am (metaphorically) trying to get a Ford transmission to fit under the hood of a Honda, which always draws a curious crowd; and there is always someone in that crowd who’s tried/trying to do the same thing.

If I have any grand breakthroughs that prove useful, I’ll happily launch a wiki account. 'Til then, I’m just touching the wires together and watching the sparks.


If you can get it work with Jack Audio System, then I would expect that to solve the “tick” problem.