Quiet vocals.

I’m recording some vocals for a hip hop song and I have a double pop filter, the two nylon layers y’know.
My vocals are awfully quiet, not even a third of the wavelength of the beat I’m going over.
Can I amplify my vocals to a degree without clipping so I can properly have them over the beat? It won’t be fuzzy/breathy because of the pop filter.

The nylon stockings do not prevent fuzzy-breathy. They prevent explosive P and B sounds if you’re too close to the microphone. “I need you to PPPut the BBBeets carefully in the PPPot.” A good pop filter doesn’t affect normal SSS and FFF sounds at all.

Start by selecting the voice track and Effect > Amplify > OK. See how that goes. If it’s still too quiet, you may need one of the compressors. Effect > Compression > OK. That one you may need to set for proper sound.


You can also try a compression plug-in: Chris’s Compressor just on your voice.



This is what the pop filter prevents.