Quiet Recording

Hey guys, I have Turtle Beach Ear Force Bravo (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZUbYXNQQbQ)
When I talk on Skype or any other program my voice is fine, I am unable to boost the mic by 30db or whatever and when I try record with Audacity it is very quiet.
If anybody can help me I would appreciate it!

Ensure that Skype is not running (not even in the background) when you are recording.
Use the computer system recording input level controls to set the recording level.

Does this mean I can’t even use skype to talk to people (not in a call, just using chat) while recording my voice?

Using Skype at the same time as trying to record is problematic because Skype needs to take full control of the sound system and by default it adjusts the microphone input level to suit its own needs. Also Skype will control recording and playback levels so that the sound card is either outputting sound or inputting sound but not both at the same time, so as to prevent feedback occurring.

It may be possible to do some limited recording while Skype is running, but if you are having problems recording then I’d highly recommend that you first sort out recording with Skype completely shut down. When you have that working correctly then you could test to see to what extent recording is possible with Skype running.

If the purpose of the whole exercise is to record Skype conversations then you would probably be better to use a specialist Skype recording program such as Skype Call Recorder or Pamela

I think it actually fixed my problem! Thank you so much!

Does this mean I can’t even use skype to talk to people (not in a call, just using chat) while recording my voice?

Skype is a special case. Skype became the raging success it is by viciously taking over the sound services of your machine.

If you do force recording (as Steve, above) you will likely destroy the Skype echo cancellation. Have you ever been on a conference call where your own voice comes back to you a half-second after you speak. It’s not fun and it’s a bear to locate and solve. If you mess with Skype, the echo problems start happening at the other end of the call, not to you.

Money-based programs get around that by creating special sound pathways that don’t mess with Skype.