Quiet chh sound at beginnin of mosts beat

In a song, there is a chh sound from the percussion at the beginning of most beats. Once I started noticing that, that is what my mind focuses on and I can no longer listen to the rest of the song. I can see that sound in the wave form. I would like to tone it down to a level that wont track my attention. Clearly, I would want to preserve as much as possible the remainder of the song without any other audible artifacts at the positions of the chh.

Is this song something that you have recorded?
What is the “chh” sound? Is it a high-hat being played?
Is the recoding a full mix, or do you have separate tracks for each instrument?

Pre-echo ? …

If that is the problem the cause is the bit-rate on the (mp3) file is too low,
i.e. can be prevented in future by using a higher bit-rate, but IMO cannot be cured with Audacity’s native tools once created if the percussion is part of a musical composition , ( rather than an isolated percussion track).
pre-echo caused by low-bit-rate on mp3.gif

It is a prerecorded song so not part of a separate track. It could be a brush striking the symbol. It is not an artifact.