Quickest way to download a 1 GB file from Net ?

Hi I’m wondering how to download a 1 GB approx audio file of an interesting academic lecture I found recently on the Net, but no idea how to do it except overnight as my download speeds are then a bit quicker at about 5mbps. Is there any quicker way…?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Get somebody to FedEx you a thumb drive.


Thanks being in the UK not sure what you mean…??

Edit: Apols the site in question is no longer active…

An hour mono lecture should come in at about 58MB, not 1GB. So if I had to guess at it, I’d say you’d be getting a lot more than an interesting lecture. But yes, overnight or make good friends with someone with a higher speed connection. Whoever does it, make sure they have good backups and excellent virus and malware protection.


“Apols” is British English shorthand for “Apologies”. The OP can no longer download the audio file: the host site is “no longer active”…