--- Quick tips on more Efficient Work Flow for this...?

I’m editing, mixing two tracks - audience and main speaker. Two different mics.

The audience portions vary in terms of best quality between the two mics. What I’ve been doing is manually adjusting audience volume (most commonly increasing) with both amplify effect and envelope tool. Audience track often needs to fade in and out for seamless effect because I silence sections on audience vocals when they are not speaking

When the speaker is talking, need to lower the volume on audience track so that the better quality on speaker’s track is only audible.

So that’s the basic workflow. Everything manual with amp + envelope aside from compression + noise removal that’s already been applied.

Was looking for more effective/efficient way to accomplish same/better result. Any suggestions?

Perhaps you could automate that step using the Auto Duck effect: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/auto_duck.html

Thought of that and tried but it’s not effective in this case unless there’s something I’m not seeing.