Quick question about recording with an external sound card

Hi guys,

I’m a DJ who uses Serato Scratch Live, attempting to record my first mix. Just in a slight state of confusion over exactly what I need to do.

For those of you who are unaware the earlier versions of Scratch Live don’t allow you to record in them. So you need to download Audacity to record.

Now then. I have a new Macbook Bro. Which doesn’t have a line in port. Is option number 1 that I buy a splitter jack, which I can plug into the headphone port and gives me a line in?

Second question…I could use an external sound card. I have a Behringer UCA222. I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask…but would it be…double ended RCA cable out of the back of the mixer and into the input of the sound card, then plug the USB from the sound card into the laptop? Would that connect everything correctly? I’ve never been the most technical of guys!

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Macbook Bro.

I just got a new name for my laptop.
“Hey. That’s my MacBook Bro, bro.”

I would have recommended the UCA202 because that’s the one I use.

You got the red one, right?

It appears as “USB Audio CODEC” or something like that in both Apple System Preferences and Audacity Preferences. Set Audacity for 44100, 16-bit, Stereo. I like it because it will work in all three computer platforms. The illustration is with my Lenovo Windows laptop, but it pretty much doesn’t matter what you plug it into.

Just to cloud up and rain a little. Doesn’t Serato Scratch use the computer to produce the sound? How are you going to connect both directions at once? If your system uses an actual mixer, then I guess that’s OK, but Serato has a number of oddities. If you’re playing to a room, you would “Y” cable split the mixer out (I use Tape Out) between the room amplifiers and the UCA222.

Every time somebody says “Serato,” most of us run and hide. It’s like trying to record Skype.
Flee, flee!



Thank you for your reply. It’s all very confusing. I THINK…I have cables going from the mixer to the speakers. Cables going to the serato box which connect to the decks. Then I think if I put RCA cables in the booth output on the mixer into the input on the sound card, then link the sound card to laptop via USB, that should do it? I hope?!

Well, yes, but pulling from other postings, the booth feed is not equal to the house feed. The Show only goes out to the dancers, not the booth unless you switch it up like that.

I predict [holding fingers to forehead] you’re going to get it all set up and Either get an Audacity recording OR get a show. Not both. Doesn’t Serato use the computer to do fades and effects? That means the show has to go in and come back out. Those are the sound channels you’re trying to grab for Audacity.

See if it works. You may get lucky and it works first time out.