Quick Named Pipe Question, move cursor

Good afternoon,

Is there a named pipe script command for just moving the cursor to a certain ms time position?

The closest I can find is “Select” which while it works, it actually does select the portion of the audio file specified.

The functionality I am looking forward is more like a seek, where the cursor is moved to that position, but WITHOUT selecting the rest of the track, but it is in a position to begin playing.

You mean like in Final Cut where you type…
+20000 [enter]

…and the cursor moves forward two minutes (two minutes, no seconds and no frames)?

Not that I know of.


What happens if you set StartTime and EndTime to the same value?

– Bill

I’m not sure if this is what you mean:

  1. Press the Home key (cursor moves to the start)
  2. Press the “[” key (a “Left Position” window pops up)
  3. Enter the required time.
  4. Press “Enter” or click the “OK” button.

Ding, ding, ding!

Thanks man, exactly what I wanted.

The OP is talking about mod-script-pipe.
– Bill

Thanks Bill. I realised that after I saw the “Ding Ding” post.