first few of many I fear…I am using Steinberg RT2 USB interface for musical instrument recording. No podcast etc.
I plugged 2 mics in the Steinberg…selected RT2 on the Mic and gave it permission,left the stereo as stereo and selected RT2 for the speaker
out…and plugged in my headphones . RT2 has headphone volume control and monitor if I want.
I have my mics in XY condensor…criss cross.

I started talking and got good sound but levels too low on display…I have the RT2 knobs up to 2/3…the level on the computer mic is up all the way and not adjustable…why?? Is it even doing anything when I select RT2 instead of microphone??Should I have selected RT2 on both the mic and speaker…?or just one…

I played some vocal and stopped and listened. Then I hit new and did another one. When I quit Audacity it came back and asked me for every
recording if I wanted to save. I thought by selecting new it got rid of the last one…I want it to discard anything I dont save…
Its recording the stereo tracks …you made it sound like 2 mics is a problem…why?

I want to multi track/overdub…is that a problem with Audacity???I got a free download of Cubas Al with the Steinberg but havent been able to download it because I have a very limited monthly data cap.The file is 10 gigs.I hope to have it next week if its still available to me.
I bought the Steinberg 3 months ago. Thanks for the help getting started.

When using a USB audio input on Mac, the input level is not adjustable.

How low is the recorded waveform? A screenshot would help.

Selecting the RT2 for output should have no effect on recording.

Every time you do File > New, Audacity creates a new project. That is why, when you quit, Audacity asks if you want to save changes. To discard a recording and start over, simply delete the track.

See this tutorial in the manual on overdubbing.

– Bill