Questions about the necessity of an upgrade?

Hello all,

I do recordings of commentary for video game videos for a small youtube channel. I am currently recording with a Blue Snowball using a pop filter and a desktop stand for my videos and it seems to be working okay.

I have been looking into possible upgrades for some of my equipment, but I wanted to get some input as to if an upgrade would be necessary.

Right now all of my videos only have my voice on them, so I am not having any trouble with multi-mic setups yet. But I am working on launching a few new series’ that would require up to 4 people recording on 4 mics so I am looking ahead to that scenario and wondering what I may need to upgrade to.

I’m very new to audio work so please forgive me if I have left out any needed information. I would be happy to provide any other needed info for assistance and advice. I can also provide examples of the videos I am making if needed, I just don’t want to seem like I am promoting my videos or anything.

Thanks in advance,

I should probably add that I am thinking about upgrading to mics that use XLR cables and a mixer. Possibly a USB preamp if I need that to connect it to my computer.