Questions about Audacity 2.2.2

I have updated some of my computers to 2.2.2 (and really like the new version, but miss a few things from the older version(s)) and noticed a couple things I wondered if they can be changed. Is there anyway to get the “Fit to Window” zoom back on the menu bar? In 2.2.2 you click on Zoom and then get a pop-out and then select your zoom level, but “fit to window” is no longer there. I used that constantly in 2.0.5 version and I find it annoying that it is no longer there. Is there anyway to add it back? Secondly, is there anyway to configure Audacity to where when you click on “Export” it brings up the save pop-up window? In 2.2.2 you have to click on “Export” and then it gives you a pop-out menu and then you have to select a file format. I would rather be able to go straight to the save box. I have been unable to find anyway in Preferences to change any of this.


There is still a “Zoom to fit” button (see: and the shortcut “Ctrl + F”.

The File menu is not customizable, but you can set keyboard shortcuts for the various Export options. “Ctrl + Shift + E” is the default shortcut for Export Audio, but you can also create separate shortcuts for Exporting as MP3, or WAV, or the other options.

Yep, after playing with it some more I finally did find the “fit to width” buried about 3 levels down.

Thanks for the response.

I don’t know what you mean by “3 levels dow” - it’s just one click on the button:

or “Ctrl + F”

He means View > Track Size > Fit to width

It was moved to the Tracksize submenu to pair up with the fit to height

But yes I agree with Steve - the button or the shortcut are the best ways to go