So is there anyway to get this to align perfectly without the time shift tool that makes it skip? When I try to align this, it skips the point. (I am zoomed all the way in.) I would like to move it freely in some type of manner. Any tips??

Those are the digital sample points. There is no “between points.” Those are the points where the computer looked at the analog sound and assigned it a number.

You generally can’t hear errors down that far, why do you want that?

Recording studios use a much higher sampling rate than Audio CDs do. 96000 instead of 44100 or 48000 (video), That gives you many more chances of hitting a match.

Are you trying to do a science experiment where the sample points have to exactly line up to prove something?


I am trying to do “phase cancellation”. And I am trying to sync up the tracks. The top track has the same sound but with background sfx and then the bottom has the other sound but without the extra background sfx. I am not doing any noise removal. I am trying to entirely remove the sound and keep the background sounds. I can send in a video file that shows what I am referring to.

Another issue is, when I do the phase cancellation, the dead background sounds are left in after doing the process. Can you also inform me if this is based on the sampling rate?