when I record a 78 there is a little noise at the end of the song…usually I just cute it off but I was wondering if there a way to clean up that part of the song?


That’s just a little too fuzzy. How are you recording the 78? The conversion method or do you have an actual 78 turntable and needle? USB Adapter? Which one?

How are you connected to the computer? If you did it wrong, you could have the computer voice processing trying to move the volume around “to help you.” No, it’s not normal for vinyl (or wax) recordings to pump up the noise at the end.


well its a numark turntable with a 78 speed with a special 78 stylus…into a onkyo receiver then out from the out on the receiver to the line in on the back of the computer…that the standard way we record collectors do it when we want to make cds from 78s…it doesn’t happen that much with lps…no usb connection…


numark turntable with a 78 speed with a special 78 stylus

Can we assume it’s a normal 78 stylus?

If you listen at the amplifier, does the noise go up a the end? Music music music…f.f.fffffffffFFFFFFFFFF.

On the other hand, if your talking about normal lead-out groove noise Shsh…Shsh…Shsh…Shsh…, Yes, there are tools that try and recognize inter-track noise and suppress it, but it’s not necessarily a timesaver. After it gets done, you have to go through the whole album and make sure the tool didn’t damage any quiet passages by accident.

There is a variation on this which marks the places it’s going to work, but you already know that.

Have a look through the vinyl postings.

I’m getting all that from the on-line manual.



If you’re hearing the noise after the music ends you can select & mute the part that should be silent. You can use Generate → Silence, or use the Envelop Tool or the Fade Out effect if sudden-silence sounds unnatural.

If you’re hearing the noise during the fade-out you can try regular [u]Noise Reduction[/u]. If the noise is bad, Noise Reduction can introduce artifacts (side effects) so you may want to apply the Noise Reduction only where the noise is objectionable.