New to the board – I am using a Dell Adamo with a 256 SSD and have
been having constant problems using 2.02 – when I transfer either mp3
or wav files I can use them and edit for a few minutes, then Audacity
basically freezes, with the circular activity icon running and running, requiring
a forced shutdown of Audacity and reboot of the laptop. This is using Windows
7 64.

This is the upgraded version of this laptop with a fairly speedy 2+ ghz processor
so don’t understand why having these issues. Tried installing legacy version of
Audacity and found the same problem.

Has anyone else experienced problems like this? Thanks

when I transfer either mp3 or wav files

Can you light that up a little more? From your library? Download? From where?

Do you have to be doing anything? Load a sound file and go for coffee. Does it still crash?


Well, I’m not really a computer wiz but that sounds like pretty limited memory for Audacity use. I had 386 megs in my old computer and Audacity would barely work. I have 4 gigs in my new one and Audacity works great!

There may be something with the Win7-64. I don’t think Audacity directly supports 64-bit. But other elves will be along.


I think he means 256GB Solid State Drive. He didn’t say how much memory was available. Koz

It runs quite happliy on W7 64-bit - but it runs in 32-bit mode, it gets installed in C:Program Files (x86)


How long are the files in hours and minutes? How much disk space is there on the drive where Audacity’s temporary folder is? (Look in the Directories Preferences).