Hello i am a new member here… i heard for audicity from a friend … and he propose to my to download … Ok i download it … i intall it … and i want to make an mp3 shortly but not at Time … i want to make it shortly at MB… how can i do it ? help me please

You can Export an MP3 file and one of the options is Quality. As you reduce Quality, the size of the file, the MB will go down.

The lower limit is 32 for a mono show and 64 for stereo. Lower than that, there is great sound damage.


To Export your recording from Audacity as an MP3, you will also need to install “Lame”.
I highly recommend that you install the 1.3.13 version of Audacity (get it here:
To install Lame, see here:

thnx … :slight_smile: