Question regarding transferring cassette to audacity

Hi, I am using audacity 2.1.1 on vista and I have a question that may have a simple answer. I am transferring cassette demos to audacity and i notice that some of the original songs were probably recorded using just 2 tracks so they only come out on the left headphone. Is there anyone way to just duplicate the left channell onto the right to give it a “stereo” affect? thanks!

If that’s the only thing wrong and it’s a simple transfer then yes.

Left-hand, drop-down menu > Split to Mono.
Delete the silent track.

Select the remaining track by clicking just above MUTE.
Duplicate (Control-D)
Upper track left-hand, drop-down menu > Make Stereo Track.

  • Right there you could have just stopped. A mono track will play to both speakers and take up half the storage of a full stereo track.