Question re Show Clipping

I’ve started noticing that when I’ve got “Show Clipping” enabled, it shows a red line when the dB is at or near 0; but I’d like to see it only if it goes over 0. Would anyone know if there’s a way to adjust this? Thanks.

It doesn’t (or definitely shouldn’t). Perhaps you aren’t zoomed in enough to see what is actually happening?


The red lines appear when the sample value is equal or greater than 0 dB.
16 bit and 24 bit audio can never be greater than 0 dB, so if the clip lines only appeared above 0 dB, then 16 or 24 bit audio would never show clipping, no matter how badly it was clipped.

It is very common for playback devices to clip just short of 0 dB, so it is a wise precaution to consider any clip lines as a warning. Of course you don’t need to heed the warning - you can turn it off in the View menu.

Many thanks. I’ve got a lot better understanding of it now. :slight_smile: