Question from learing newbie

I have just downloaded Windows 8.1 and have install Audacity V2.05 when I go to effects tab I cannot find (DELAY) I did work with echo But there is NO DELAY Choice in Drop down List

is there a plugin I need to download to get the Delay Feature???

I’m going to extrapolate from the question that you want Audacity to live delay whatever you put in to the sound coming out. Audacity doesn’t apply any effects in real time. So, no, and it’s not a plug-in either.

Some of the larger software packages can do that. I installed a demo package once because I needed a delay for a video conference testing station. I don’t remember the package. It didn’t belong to me.


that is not what… I am Asking…in the drop down menu under effect there should be and effect called DELAY
It Is not in my drop down menu

I am using the new version of Audacity 2,05

I Fixed it I had to change Screen Resolution to see the full drop down menu

The Effect Menu should still scroll to the bottom even if you cannot see all the contents. Click on the downward-pointing arrow at the bottom of the visible menu or press DOWN arrow on your computer keyboard.